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Christmas in Karpenisi

Located in the southern part of the Pindus mountains, Karpenisi is the ideal destination for winter getaways. The snow falls and creates a wonderful atmosphere, with Velouchi Ski Center within a short distance calling your name. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or you prefer a hot chocolate while the thick white blanket slowly covers nature all around, Christmas in Karpenisi is the perfect place to be.

christmas in karpenisi

Christmas in Karpenisi is as lovely and quaint as you would have imagined. There are various customs and traditions that will add to the festive vibe, with the local housewives preparing sweet treats like kourabiedes and melomakarona. These are the two emblematic desserts for Christmas and New Year. The first is all about powdered sugar, butter and almonds, while the second one highlights the sweetness of honey along with crushed walnuts and spices. You should really try both! And then there is the traditional Vasilopita (the festive pie made for Santa Claus with a coin hidden inside, so as to share the pieces and find out who will have good luck all year long!). As for savory delights, the locals cook pork that melts in your mouth. But there are many many other food choices made of the finest local ingredients that your taste buds will certainly be pleased!

christmas in karpenisi

Among the attractions of the area, Karpenisiotis River will host your quiet strolls or water sports activities for those who wish to feel their adrenaline go sky-high! Horse riding by the river, trekking and bird watching, four wheel drives or biking by the waterfront are all exquisite things to do, while enjoying Christmas holidays. And since the religious spirit is more than apparent these days, a visit to the Holy Trinity Metropolitan Church and the emblematic Panagia Prousiotissa Monastery is in order.