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Christmas Challenge: Kourabiedes vs Melomakarona

Christmas in Greece! In this magical time of the year, everything is absolutely perfect. Snowflakes are falling, the buildings get illuminated every night and stores get brighter. Christmas mood fills the air, colorful window displays and gift wraps. Above anything else, in Greece housewives and pastry chefs start creating their culinary wonders. And there are two desserts fighting for the top: kourabiedes vs melomakarona!

Kourabiedes: Snow-White Cookies

kourabiedes vs melomakarona

If you are into cookies, then this is the ultimate treat! Kourabiedes are cookies made with high quality butter, flour and crushed almonds. They also have a distinct aroma of rosewater and they are topped with powdered sugar. Yes, they are just as good as they sound! These amazing cookies are famous Christmas desserts. People use them to warm the hearts of their guests. In addition, children who knock on the doors singing carols are treated with such fine cookies. Even though they are famous Christmas desserts, you can also see them in other celebrations – and in weddings too!

Melomakarona: Honey Overdose

kourabiedes vs melomakarona

For those who love Greek honey, melomakarona are an exceptional dessert! They are made using a mix of flour and semolina, as well as crushed walnuts. And the best part about them? They are dipped in honey syrup! As you can imagine, their texture is moist yet slightly crunchy. And they smell so good…Along with kourabiedes, they decorate each festive table. From early December, bakeries and pastry shops start piling up on melomakarona. It is so hard to resist them and especially since they are made so refined. And there are variations of melomakarona too! You can find them dipped in chocolate – could it get any better?

Kourabiedes vs Melomakarona: What’s Your Pick?

kourabiedes vs melomakarona

There you have it! These are the two biggest contestants about the best Christmas dessert in Greece. Of course there are many others following! You can taste amazing diples, thin fried dough dipped in honey and topped with crushed walnuts and cinnamon. Christmas cakes and tsoureki, desserts made of syrup like kataifi and baklavas, these are all great. But the eternal dilemma that will divide everyone upon tasting the desserts is one: kourabiedes vs melomakarona – what’s your pick?