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Chrisso: A Secret Made Of Gold

Chrisso means Gold in Greek and this traditional settlement within short distance from Delphi sure does live up to expectations. It is a village on the foot of Parnassos Mountain filled with nostalgia from a different era, with stone houses and old neoclassical mansions. If you are looking for an autumn or winter retreat away from the crowds, in a place where time stands still and the locals welcome you in their warm embrace, look no further.


Delphi lies in no more than 8 kilometers from the village, making it an exceptional starting point for your exploration of the wider region. You can just as easily head to the Archaeological Site and the Temple of Apollo, head to Arachova for a snowy experience in the cobbled pathways and even visit Galaxidi and Amfissa. The options are literally endless. But even if you decide to unwind and take in that lovely atmosphere of the village itself, Chrisso will not disappoint you. In fact, it will make you fall in love with the scenery over and over again. After all, it has been declared a traditional settlement of unique value for a reason.


The houses and the neighborhoods have been restored, maintaining their initial and authentic aesthetics. This is a conscious choice of the villages, who wish to remember their past and build on solid ground, rather than destroy their memories by building something entirely new. So even accommodation options with guest houses and old mansions offer that aura of nostalgia to travelers in pursuit of originality. Itea is visible from the village, providing exquisite view to the sea. The ultimate combination of mountainous terrain, lush greenery and infinite blue awaits in Fokida, just a few steps from the historic site of Delphi.