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Chios Thermal Springs

Chios is a beautiful Greek island of the Aegean Sea, world renowned for its mastic production. But this is not the only thing why Chios is famous for. The magnificent beaches and amazing landscapes, the succulent traditional dishes and the warm welcoming locals all blend, creating the perfect vacation retreat in the Mediterranean. And an extra bonus is that of Chios thermal springs, a long-lasting medicinal practice that has turned into the elixir of wellness and euphoria. For those of you seeking to feel great while having fun, then this island is definitely a must-visit destination!

chios thermal springs

Agiasmata spring is the most famous on the island of Chios, located in the picturesque village bearing the same name in the northern part. This is by far the most popular of Chios thermal springs. With a water temperature that reaches 57.5 degrees Celsius, the spring is a splendid source of therapeutic minerals and other precious ingredients from deep inside nature’s womb. There is a hydrotherapy center on site, with 12 individual tubs that stretch from 35 to 40 degrees Celsius. The establishment operates daily from July to October, welcoming visitors to an experience of absolute relaxation and rejuvenation. It is worth mentioning the fact that Agiasmata is set really close to another spring called Leukandria. This is a cold mineral spring by the seashore, ideal for those who wish to indulge in water drinking therapy.

chios thermal springs

Besides this truly prestigious part for thermalism in Chios, there is another hot spring worth exploring. This time, it is the thermal spring of Agia Markella, the patroness of the island. It is located right by the monastery and you can reach the spring on foot, following a path. According to the myth, Agia Markella was a beautiful girl that devoted her life to Jesus. However, her beauty led to flirting on behalf of her own father. In order to escape his desires, the girl ran to the point where the spring is found and wished that God would protect her. As a result, she was covered by the ground till her waist and her father got so angry, that he killed her in a terrible way. At the very same part of the island, hot water started oozing from the ground. The water features therapeutic properties and makes your visit to the monastery and the beach even more enjoyable.