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Chios Mastic Museum

Chios is intertwined with mastic, a product that has made the island famous and has fueled its economy over the years. And it is only fair to celebrate such a product through Chios Mastic Museum. The museum is located in Southern Chios and more specifically in Mastihohoria, the picturesque Medieval villages where it is cultivated. If you are looking for a place to appreciate the “tears of the island” and learn more about their value, historic – economic and otherwise, this is where you should go!

chios mastic museum

Since mastic cultivation has been named by UNESCO cultural heritage, the museum reflects the importance of this product and its never-ending contribution to the island. There, you will find three different displays representing various aspects of mastic cultivation. Plus, there is an exhibition outdoors that complements your experience. So in the museum you will have the opportunity to discover the therapeutic properties of mastic resin and the traditional techniques used by the locals. Furthermore, it is made clear how mastic has shaped the organization and overall structure of Mastihohoria in Southern Chios. More than that, you can find out more about contemporary distribution and use of mastic. And finally, it is time for heading outdoors and seeing the plant from up close. This is certainly a complete, overwhelming experience to treasure!

chios mastic museum

Once you are on the island, Chios Mastic Museum should make it to the list of “must-see” attractions. Schedule a visit to the museum, along with excursions to the neighboring villages. Mingle with the islanders and take in this authentic experience, without any hidden agenda or anything artificial. The epitome of Greek vacations, with a blend of timeless history and culture!