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The Charming Pantavrechi Gorge

Could you ever imagine that a place where it always rains would be absolutely spectacular and filled with natural beauty? Well, the enchanting Pantavrechi Gorge is just that, as its name suggests. In fact, pantavrechi literally translates to “…Where It Always Rains” and there is scientific proof that backs it up. So if you are ever in Evrytania perfecture and more specifically on your way to the mesmerizing Karpenisi village, you should schedule a daily visit to this wonderful nature’s masterpiece.

pantavrechi gorge

Just a 20-minute route from Karpenisi to Mavri Spilia Gorge and the lovely waterfalls outside Prousos or the gravel paths around Roska villages, and you are at the starting point of Pantavrechi Gorge. Do not be intimidated by the somewhat steep road leading you there, as it is part of its overall charms. All the way, you will see the small yet stunning river Krikeliotis. This river flows from the village Krikello and features a small valley with cliffs and slopes and absolutely idyllic scnery! Of course, depending on your mood and preferences, your general fitness level and how much you want to strain yourself, there are several different routes to follow. Each one holds some well-kept secrets, waiting to be revealed!

pantavrechi gorge

As to the name of Pantavrechi Gorge, let’s unravel the mystery. There is a special place during the hiking route that depicts a rare phenomenon. The steep mountain of Kaliakouda is home to freezing cold waters and these waters want to join Krikeliotis river, flowing from the springs at the peaks of the gorge and creating magnificent waterfalls. But thanks to their significant height, their flow is not constant. On the contrary, it flows in the form of smaller and bigger drops of water. As a result, there is the phenomenon of artificial rain, in the form of water drops.