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Cave of Agios Georgios in Kilkis

Having opened for the public in 1986, the Cave of Agios Georgios in Kilkis definitely ranks among the finest attractions in the wider area. Nature enthusiasts that love history and appreciate the glorious wonders of nature and the importance of time in geological formation will enjoy a visit to the cave, along with a tour to the Paleontological Museum. This is where some of the rare findings are available on display. As for the numbers, they are equally impressive: over 300 meters of explored land and an overall area of 1,000 square meters, two different floors with stalactites and stalagmites, coral materials and of course an area of fossilized bones that have revealed precious pieces of information about the local history.

cave of agios georgios

Mild temperature and humidity levels inside the Cave of Agios Georgios have placed the cave among the best places for cave therapy or else speleotherapy and especially for those suffering from respiratory medical conditions and skin diseases. But above all, the nature sculptures will astound you. On the second floor, you will find an exhibition of some of the rare findings that have not been moved to the Paleontological Museum of Kilkis. Apart from that, there is also a cafe where you can relax and enjoy the emblematic natural surroundings. And on top of that, there are graphic representations that seem to bring the cave alive! In an interactive experience, visitors are welcome to touch and feel, see and listen to the environmental characteristics that light the spark of exploration.

cave of agios georgios

Delve into a mystical journey in time, traveling back to the ancient world and still getting that contemporary feel of history’s continuance. Kilkis is a lovely destination and features many wonderful attractions, so you should schedule a visit to the Cave of Agios Georgios, the Museum and much more!