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The Cave of Agia Sophia in Kithira

Definitely a wow factor on the island of Kithira is the Cave of Agia Sophia. The cave is located in Mylopotamos, just a little above sea level (60 meters). There are stalactites and stalagmites, adding to the natural beauty inside. Years and years of slight water drops have carved their presence underground. And the outcome is purely mesmerizing! Besides the masterpieces of nature growing indoors, the cave is also known for its religious identity. As you step in the premises, you will be stunned by the church with the distinctive icons found all around. It is just a few steps from the main entrance, so you can’t miss it.

cave of agia sophia

This is the church of Agia Sophia, meaning Saint Wisdom in Greek. The frescoes date back to the 13th century. Agia Sophia is among these frescoes, along with her daughters – Agapi (Love), Elpida (Hope) and Pisti (Faith). The other frescoes depict Saint Mary and Jesus Christ, as well as Saint John. The cave was discovered by Ioannis Petrocheilos, a notable local. He was a Physics teacher and loved his home very much. So he underwent excavations and explored the area. Anna Petrocheilos, his wife, continued his work. Eventually, the Cave of Agia Sophia in Kithira became a popular attraction.

cave of agia sophia

The cave is open to the public daily, apart from Wednesdays. Admission is 5 euros, with a reduced ticket as low as 2 euros. However, you are advised to check the itinerary prior to visiting. Enjoy the trail that stretches to 220 meters. It is quite spacious and therefore you will not feel uncomfortable walking underground. You will breathe normally and thus you will be able to enjoy its magnitude to the fullest. Just beware of the chilled temperature, as it is approximately 18 degrees Celsius. So dress accordingly!