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Can We Really Enjoy Travel in the Digital Era?

Technology has come a long way since its infancy. Of course, modern society could not have been happier about that. There are so many accomplishments directly linked to technology and travel is not an exception. Indeed, a lot has changed over the past few years regarding travel. Is everything moving towards the right direction, though? Some would argue, claiming that the digital era has been damaging against travel and its authenticity. Where does one draw the line?


One of the major breakthroughs in traveling has been the increase of accessibility. In other words, now people can access literally every part of the world without troubles. Even places which have been off limits in the past are now available to reach. This is definitely a great thing. But on the other hand, such modernization has not had a positive impact solely. Travelers now have a wealth of information about each destination. From pictures to videos and sophisticated takes, all the details are there. No more secrets, no more mysteries! How does affect the enthusiasm of a traveler?

The truth is that the world is closer than ever before. Nowadays everyone can become an explorer. And it is a wonderful thing to be able to explore civilizations and visualize you are somewhere you are not. However, nothing can match the sheer excitement of becoming your own discoverer. A wanderer with no limits, taking part in journeys of the senses. All the senses brought to life, stimulated and awakened. There is nothing more precious than exploring the unknown. Becoming a famous explorer and searching for uncharted lands. Looking for the most precious gems in each destination and getting invaluable inspiration for your next travels.


Although some might be pessimist and only see the glass half empty, the truth is much more liberating. All this accessibility and abundance in knowledge has not quenched the thirst for travels. If something, it has fueled the wanderlust of nature enthusiast and contemporary discoverers of the world.

Because no matter how far technology progresses, there are some things in life that cannot be outdated. They are classics and always manage to conquer our hearts and minds. And traveling is one such experience that never grows old or weary!