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The Buzzing Athens Street Art

Athens has always been a beacon of Art. Over the years, artists have flooded the city and offered their contribution to its magnitude. Contemporary Art features graffiti and vivid colors, unlike the Classic era with the firm, sturdy buildings and clear lines. But the truth is that when you want to learn more about a city, you should check out its walls. And Athens Street Art is the most eloquent proof of that! As you wander through the neighborhoods of the city center and the wider area, you can’t miss them. Paintings originating from the local culture, highlighting the concerns and inspiration of the artists, waiting to tell their stories to passers-by.

Athens Street Art

Graffiti has filled Athens with color. Instead of gray walls wearing out from the toll of time, there are now vibrant representations of hopes and dreams. But it is not only that. Through Athens Street Art, one can have a glimpse at the modern problems that the city faces. The financial crisis has taken everything by storm, including the artistic details in the city. So you can see political statements depicted through colors and sketches.

Athens Street Art

Street art does not only focus on the negatives, obviously. A huge painting of a beautiful woman or flowers blooming or even a dog, whose story has been closely related to Athens. There are unlimited chances for wanderers to admire Athens Street Art in its greatness. Just pick a street at Psyri, Metaxourgeio, Plaka or Exarcheia, or anywhere else you feel like going. You will be stunned! And for those in search of something more structured, there are also guided tours to join. Feel free to discover the Contemporary Arts in Athens, starting by its outer walls. It is the rise of a new culture, for sure!