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Birdwatching in Greece: Splendid Wildlife Observation  

Birdwatching is a special recreational activity. People travel to places of unspoiled beauty and indulge in wildlife observation. There are many fans of birding worldwide. People fascinated by the unique nature of birds. Have you ever seen such a spectacle? If not, you cannot imagine what it feels like. Spotting rare species of birds in their natural surroundings is amazing.

Birds are proud and free animals. Observing their behavior is fascinating. Typically you use binoculars or a telescope. This lets you observe from a distance. You see their natural habitat. And they do not notice you. The best things is not to scare the birds away, after all!

Birdwatching in Greece offers unforgettable experiences. Do you want to observe nature at its finest peak? You can do it and have great fun. You will unveil nature’s beauty from a privileged point of view.

Birdwatching in Greece: Where?

Landscapes in Greece are rich and diverse. This makes it an idyllic destination for birdwatching. There are many different routes you can follow throughout the country. Let’s have a look!

Athens and Attica

birdwatching in Greece

You may choose to visit Athens and its emblematic historic center. There are hills and mountain peaks all around. In search of the finest birdwatching tours in Attica? Climb up Lycabettus Hill or Acropolis. Hymettus is also home to superb wildlife.Parnitha and Pendeli Mountain are found in a short distance. The experience is outstanding!

In Attica, ornithologists have reported a wide variety of bird species. You will identify many of them, while hiking in nature. Despite the mountainous terrain, access is smooth. And as you move further away from the city center? There are plains and welcoming forests in Oropos and Vravrona, Porto Rafti and Sounio.

The Mainland

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Prespa National Park is a top option in the mainland. Rare birds can be found there, such as Argiropelekanos. Great and Small Prespa are the two lakes in the area. Their stunning landscapes are home to migratory birds, wild ducks and cormorants. These are just few of the birds you observe on site. Mount Olympos and Lake Kerkini are equally breathtaking. Lake Karla and Mavrovouni, too.

Next stop, birdwatching in Peloponnese! Check Messinia and Argolida, Lakonia and Korinthia. They are all places of exemplary natural beauty. Neda River is a spectacular place in Messinia. Polylimnio boasts impressive waterfalls and lakes. Navarino Bay and Gialova are also ideal for birdwatching in Greece. Due to their openness, they encompass the essence of wildlife observation.

The Islands

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Greek islands are not world famous for birdwatching. However, they offer unique landscapes. In Crete, you may visit Samaria Gorge and hike the White Mountains. Lesvos is considered top in Mediterranean birdwatching. And the iconic island of Santorini? It is home to some truly impressive birds. Every island features gorgeous natural habitats for birds.

Best Time for Birdwatching

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In Greece, the weather is great. The mild temperatures and unspoiled landscapes enable birdwatchers to enjoy nature all year round. Spring is a wonderful time of the year. Flowers blossom and everything is green. Summer offers great sunshine for your strolls. Winter makes the snowy peaks look awesome. And autumn is sweet and inviting.

Do you need more info? Contact Hellenic Ornithological Society. Are you interested in specific bird species? You know what to do! HOS will provide any details you want. So you will plan your journey, aas per your desires.

Birding is an excellent thing to do in Greece. You are welcome to combine birding with other attractions. In Greece, each place holds its own history. Fine beaches, beautiful mountains, domed churces. Lovely villages by the sea. You are welcome to explore them all!

Schedule your trip to the place of your dreams. Get those binoculars with you. Wear light clothes and comfortable shoes. Yes, you are ready for hiking tours of amazing beauty!