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Biking Destinations in Greece

Biking has become a trend worldwide, with an ever-growing part of travelers seeking to use this means of transportation on vacation. This means that biking destinations in Greece are bound to attract more people over the following years. But what is it that makes a bike the ideal way to discover the beauties of a place? Is it the feeling of freedom that it represents? It goes without even saying that cycling offers unique benefits in wellness. But is it just that?

Why Use a Bike

biking destinations in Greece

As mentioned above, bicycling can be extremely health-promoting. It is a wonderful means of transport that does not require the use of petrol or any other type of fuel. When you use a bike, you are free to pedal and enjoy nature at its finest. There are no boundaries and no artificial limitations. You are in perfect alignment with the natural surroundings. No carbon emissions and no harmful footprints on the planet. This sounds idyllic, right?

Best Biking Destinations in Greece

biking destinations in Greece

Depending on whether you are an experienced biker or not, Greece is a lovely place to be. Although the capital is now beginning to incorporate the principles of a green, bike-friendly European city, you will find amazing destinations that will never fail you.

Nafplio is one of those destinations. The former capital of Greece is definitely a picturesque place where cars are almost frowned upon. You can bike freely and enjoy the cobbled paths and the magical neighborhoods. And the promenade by the harbor is an excellent place for cycling with a view!

Karditsa is probably the most renowned Greek city for biking. Its road network has been especially designed to meet the needs of bikers. And it is a beautiful place of unspoiled beauty. So you will be tempted to go on long excursions, enjoying the buildings and their architecture. One of the top biking destinations in Greece, for sure!

biking destinations in Greece

Heraklion is one of the largest cities in Crete. Due to being a commercial and tourist hub, this is a city welcoming bikers from all over the world. It is a relief, actually. Some years ago, Heraklion was considered an ugly place. With initiatives like that, its Medieval character and immense historical value have been appreciated.

Hydra and Spetses are two Saronic islands where cars are literally off limits. You will rarely see an automobile there and the same goes for Agkistri. So, as you can imagine, these islands are havens for bikers. If you are looking for places that allow you to pedal for hours carefree, you have found them in Greece!

More and more cities, towns and villages in Greece welcome biking as an alternative means of transportation. So go ahead! Dress comfortably and set out on new biking adventures!