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When is the best time to visit Mykonos?

The cosmopolitan aura of Mykonos attracts thousands of travelers per year from all over the world. Who hasn’t dreamt of dancing on the beachfront, with the sounds of the latest hits? Or maybe soaking under the sun at one of the most popular beaches of the island? However, is Mykonos an all-year-round destination? As is the case with most Cycladic islands, there is a special time frame in which traveling to Mykonos is best. So let’s see when is the best time to visit Mykonos and why!


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The best time to visit Mykonos would be between late April and early October. There are many different reasons leading to that conclusion. Let’s find out why this would be your best chance to visit the Island of the Winds!

Swimming: Obviously, you are in Greece and you are on an island. It is a shame not to swim! If you visit Mykonos during summer, the water will be warm. There will be no waves and you will be able to enjoy your dives in the refreshing waters of the Aegean. Plus, the sun rays will warm you even more and give you that wonderful tan you have been dreaming of.

Partying: Mykonian nightlife is legendary! Many visitors flock the island just to get the chance to party till sunrise. But it makes sense why many night clubs and bars only operate from April to October. This is when most travelers come to Mykonos. In addition, many celebrities organize their concerts during summertime.

Traveling: If you visit Mykonos by boat, you will find it easier to get on board a ferry during summer. The routes are more frequent then. More than that, there are charters flying to and from the island during peak season. If you choose to visit Mykonos during low season, though, your options will be quite limited.

Sightseeing: Imagine trying to climb to the highest spot on the island. This will offer you breathtaking views from above! But what happens when the winds are too strong? What if there is heavy rainfall throughout the day? To avoid such negative consequences, it is worth visiting Mykonos when the weather is warm.

Eating: Well, this would not be a complete list of the things to do in Mykonos without food! If you visit the island from April to October, you will enjoy a feast of flavors and aromas from local gastronomy. Many seasonal fruits and vegetables add to the Mediterranean cuisine. So if you enjoy Greek food, wait till you taste it at its finest!

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An island like Mykonos should be experienced to the fullest. You need to enjoy every moment you spend on this majestic island of Cyclades. This is why you must pay attention to the weather conditions and plan things through very carefully. Choose to visit Mykonos during summer, late spring or early fall. In this way, you will have the chance to see it in its absolute awesomeness.

Lots of tourists from every part of the planet you can think of, mingling with the locals and having fun. Unspoiled landscapes making your heart beat faster and parties that never end. Folklore and cultural events that attract worldwide attention, as well as amazing culinary treasures served at the restaurants and taverns of the island. This is Mykonos! Experience it!