The best Kalymnos beaches

The arid, mountainous island of Kalymnos, belongs to the Dodecanese islands in the southeast Aegean Sea. You will find a number of beaches to chose from!

Platis Gialos Beach Kalymnos

The beach of Platis Yialos is one of the most beautiful beaches of Kalymnos. It is located nearby the village of Panormos, north of the beaches of Kandouni and Linaria. The fine beach has soft black sand and azure clean waters. An excellent tavern stands on the beach, serving delightful dishes. From Platis Yialos, the visitor will have the chance to admire the most astonishing sunset of Kalymnos.


Mirties Beach

This beach is located 8 kilometres north-west of Pothia, in front of the lovely village of Myrties. It is a fine pebble beach extending on the right and left side of the little harbour of Myrties. The view from the beach is wonderful. A few accommodations, fine taverns and cafes are available in the village. From there, little fishing boats sail to the opposite islet of Telendos. A mini-market and some restaurants are available near the beach. To reach this paradise, one has to take the bus that stops at a short distance of it.

Panormos Beach Kalymnos

Ksisitos beach is located to the west side of Panormos village between Linaria beach and Platy Gyalos beach. Easy accessible by car, motor bike or by feet from hotel ELIES. Usually the sea is rough during summertime. The sea bed is full of rocks covered by a variety of plants. The coast is also full of rocks which shape holes and small canyons. When the sea is calm the water is warm and crystal clear. Great place for snorkeling.


Gefyra Beach Kalymnos

These are the beaches closest to Pothia. In Therma the beach is pebbly with rocks and there are several trees covering a big part of it. Alternatively, there is also a platform next to it for those who take to diving, as waters are quite deep. Thermal springs used to be in operation here, the waters of which were abundant in radium. The small beach of Gefyra is the one closer to Pothia, inside a cove with turquoise waters. It is pebbly and quite green, with rocks.

Arginonta Beach Kalymnos

This sandy and pebble beach is Located about 17 kilometres north from Pothia (the island’s capital) and is coil up in a beautiful and picturesque bay. Umbrellas and sun beds are available for rent as well as a few accommodations and taverns that can be found near the beach or in the small hamlet of the same name (just a few meters walk from the beach). From Pothia a bus regularly goes to Arginonda; the bus stop is very close to the beach.

Palionisos Beach Kalymnos

From Skalia village towards Emborios you will meet a dirt road under construction on your right. Following this, you will reach the top of the mountain with a church on your left. From this point you have a panoramic view of the north part of the island with Leros on your left. Continue downwards. On your left you will meet a path to Sykati bay. Continuing ahead and to your right you will reach Palionisos, a small quite village, with a beach for a nice swim.

Potha Beach Kalymnos

Beach opposite the island Telendos named after what was once the capital of the island. During Roman times in the year 535 a large and long lasting earthquacke destroyed the city and split the island into two parts. This way the island of Telendos was shaped. The capital of Potha disappeared into the sea.

Akti Beach Kalymnos

The nice and quiet beach of Akti has fine sand and crystalline waters and is located near the road leading to the valley of Vathy, on the eastern coast of Kalymnos. A fine tavern stands on the soft sand and offers excellent food. To reach this relaxing place, one has to use private transport (bike or car), since there isn’t any bus going there.


Emporio Beach Kalymnos

This beautiful and serene beach is lying in front of the quiet village of the same name, 24 kilometres north of Pothia. It has smooth pebbles, scattered rocks, and crystalline waters. There are no rentals or facilities available, which makes it a very quiet place. The local bus stops at the village near the beach but this fine place can also be reached by a little fishing boat leaving regularly from the village of Myrties.

Kalamies Beach Kalymnos

Not like your regular sandy beaches, Kalamies provides vacationers with a day on the beach, of a different kind. Bring along a foldable chair and an umbrella and the possibilities are endless. Cliffs along the beach run into the blue water. The combination of the green cover on the cliffs against the clear blue sky leaves an everlasting impression on your mind. As the water ripples through the pebbled beach and reaches your feet, its gurgling noise is music to the ears. The sun shines on a wide beach with a wonderful view of the green hills nearby. Water splashing against the rocks of these cliffs is the only distraction on this -otherwise- heavenly place. Boats of local fishermen and sponge divers interrupt the view momentarily providing a peek into the lives of the people of this sleepy hamlet.

Kandouni Beach Kalymnos

The long sandy beach of Kandouni is located about 5 kilometres north-west of Pothia, at a short walking distance from Panormos. It is the favourite beach of the locals and can get quiet crowded sometimes. The beautiful monastery of the Cross overlooks the beach.


Linaria Beach Kalymnos

The picturesque sandy beach of Linaria is another beach located close to the village of Panormos. It is also at a short walking distance from the beaches of Kandouni and Platis Yialos. It is quieter than Kandouni Beach and has a fine beach and crystal-clear waters. A huge rock emerges from the sea, right in the middle. Fine fish taverns and cafes can be found nearby the beach and some accommodations are available at Panormos or at Kandouni.

Massouri Beach Kalymnos

This beach is located 9 km west of Pothia, near the village of the same name, which is the biggest tourist resort of Kalymnos. This beach is the one that gets most crowded during high season and is particularly well organised. Sun beds and umbrellas are available for rent as well as water sports facilities, including canoes. There is also a snack bar on the beach. A bus stops at the settlement of Massouri where some stairs lead to the sandy beach. Hotels, bars, taverns and clubs are available at the village.

Melitsahas Beach Kalymnos

Melitsahas is a beautiful beach Located on the western coast of Kalymnos Greece near the famous village of Myrties. It is a long sandy beach with beautiful and clean waters. The area offers a few accommodations like some apartments to rent, taverns and some “kafenion”, the traditional greek café.