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Best Greek Islands for Couples

Are you in love? Planning your next getaway with your significant other? Well, Greece is the perfect destination by all means! But where exactly? The truth is that Greek islands are widely considered romantic ad idyllic for sensational vacations. Their picturesque villages and breathtaking views, the impressiv natural landscapes and the mrvelous crystalline waters, the hospitable locals and the magnificent traditional touches, all these are elements adding to their uniqueness. So which are you going to choose?

Milos Island

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Milos is one of the most romantic islands in Greece. The seductive sea views and the singular shape of its coastline has turned Milos into a sensational haven! You will be able to enjoy great moments of relaxation in unspoiled natural beauty. And leisurely strolling through the cobbled pathways of Milos is an experience on its own. Plus, you may indulge in hiking and sailing tours around the island.


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Of course everyone knows about Santorini! The island where the most epic sunsets take place. The island with the largest caldera and the most imposing beaches. Santorini is an ideal romantic destination among Greek islands, with whitewashed buildings hanging from the cliff. There are tours taking you to the volcano, as well as greatly relaxing and sedutive experiences such as Spa treaments for couples. Wine tasting tours are also highly appreciated and treasured!


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A small gem in the Aegean Sea is Folegandros, without a doubt. It is not such a popular tourist destination, which means you will have the opportunity to enjoy carefree vacations as a couple. Traditional food and long walks by the waterfront will steal your heart away. There are also friendly, inviting beaches that allow you to swim and sunbathe far from prying eyes.


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Hydra is one of the most beautiful Saronic Islands, world renowned for its special charm. The island has always lured artists and intellects, adding to its distinguished character. Walk up and down the quaint neighborhoods, visit the local attractions and enjoy the aesthetic supremacy. It is close to Piraeus Port in Athens. So you can combine your visit to Hydra with a 2-3 day tour in Athens.


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Ionian Islands are definitely among the finest Greek islands for couples in love. And Lefkada boasts its singular identity. It is the only island to access via a well-preserved railroad network. So it is greatly approachable and offers unique experiences. In Lefkada youwill find some of the most breathtaking beaches in Greece, if not the world. Porto Katsiki and Egremnoi, Kathisma and Nydri are just few of the beaches standing out in the Mediterranean. Explore them!

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