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Best Beaches In Lefkada: The Caribbean Of Greece

Some of the most beautiful beaches of the world that you have definitely see above Greek postcards capturing the unique Mediterranean Caribbean!  So, if you’re looking for a beach holiday, the exotic waters of Lefkada island in the Ionian Sea are hard to beat. The west coast is home to long stretches of sandy beach running below some impressive cliffs ending to deep blue sea, while the east coast are more sheltered from the wind and always calm and safe. Hold your breath and dive!

West Coast Beaches

Egremni Beach

Egremni Beach is located on the West of the Island approximately a few km north of Porto Katsiki. To access the beach, you must park your car at the top of the cliff above the beach. Within dramatic cliff surroundings there are windy stairs to descend all the way down to the beach – around 350 of them. The transparent, exotic waters and a sandy and pebbled beach will definitely pay you off! You can also reward yourself with a beverage as there is a little café on the beach to find.


Porto Katsiki Beach

Awarded the prize of the loveliest beach in Greece, Porto Katsiki Beach is located at the southern tip of the west coast of the Island, 45 km south west of Lefkada Town. Uniquely scenic and full of intense natural colors, the beach is a strip of pure white sand matching with azure waters, at the foot of a towering chalk cliff. It is accessible via a green wooded passage of 100 steps from the car facilitated park with or by boat trips from Nydri and Vassiliki on the east coast.


Pefkoulia Beach

Pefkoulia is one of the finest beaches of Lefkada just 1.5 km from the village of Agios Nikitas and 10 km south west of Lefkada Town. You will be amazed by its clear blue water in a mix of white sandy and pebbled beach surrounded by wooded-pined-mountain scenery. The beach is easy accessible by car with amenities nearby.


Aghios Nikitas Beach

This small pebbly beach with clear waters is in the homonymous beautiful fishing village, that offers good transport links to many of the west coast’s most popular beaches. As is full of cafes and tavernas, this beach is preferred by families. It has easy access by car but don’t miss out on the left, between Mylos and Aghios Nikitas another stunning beach Ammoudoula, accessible only by swimming or boat where you can also find the cave Fokotrypa.

agios nikitas

Kathisma Beach

One of the most cosmopolitan seashore beach of Lefkada is located about 15km south-west of Lefkada Town. It is a long sandy beach offering water sports, nearby restaurants and bars and spectacular sunsets as surrounded by astonishing cliffs. It has easy access by car but note that when the northwesterly wind is strong the waves are really high.


Kalamitsi Beach

Three sandy beaches near Kalamitsi village, with turquoise waters, white pebbles, sand and rocks will cover even the most difficult taste! First one partially organized, just down to the coast of the village. On the left you will find the second Kavalikefta beach with sun loungers and a bar and a little bit further is Megali Petra (Great Rock in Greek) not facilitated, though the breathtaking scenery and the tranquility is totally worth it.


Gialos Beach

Just before the lovely village of Athani and 35 km south west of Lefkada there is a big sandy beach popular among campers and nudism friendly.



Milos is a lovely remote beach located between Kathisma and Agios Nikitas, 14 km south west of Town. Ideal spot for relaxation, the beach provides with idyllic surroundings, bordered to the south by imposing granite cliffs and to the east and north by steep wooded hills. You can easily access by boat from Agios Nikitas or walk about 15-20 minutes through a steep terrain. Bring provisions and enjoy this splendid, nudism friendly beach!


South Coast Beaches

Vassiliki Bay Beach

Vassiliki is the beloved beach of the wind surfers as is nominated among Europe’s three best beaches for windsurfing, also proud of the International Water Sports Festival. You can also try to go canoeing. The beach is long with pebbles enclosed by the green hills, the typical scenery of Lefkada. It is located near Vassiliki bay and is easily accessible by car. Also explore many sandy beaches down the bay at the area named Ponti.

maistrali vassiliki

Aghiofili Beach

Located near Vassiliki and just west from Ammouso, this small, pebble beach is one of Lefkada’s best. This quite isolated beach is in a very pretty cove surrounded by white impressive hills. The waters are a pure blue-green. You can get there by boat from Vassiliki or there is a small dirt road from Vassiliki harbor going past Apollo Hotel.


Ammoussa Beach

Close to Vassiliki off the main road to Lefkada, follow a quite a long stretch narrow minor road and find this small, lovely pebble beach. It has an easy access by car and there is a lovely taverna on the water front.


Mikros Gialos Beach

Below Poros village, in the sheltered Rouda bay, there is a peaceful and attractive beach with pebbles where the sea is crystal clear and the surrounding is lush greenery. It is easily accessible by car, has some camp sites, hotels and other amenities.


East Coast Beaches

Lygia Beach

Just south of Lefkada Town near the top of the east coast there is the picturesque harbor of Lygia, you will find a small pebble beach in an important area for Lefkada’s fishermen -so don’t miss out great seafood on the tavernas nearby, with excellent views of the Greek mainland. You will also find Episkopos, Nikiana and Periyiali beaches in amazing scenery. Especially Nikiana remains unspoiled where the greenery reaches almost to the water’s edge. The beaches are accessible by car and offers amenities.


Nydri Beach

Nidri is one of Lefkada’s liveliest resorts with gently shelving, of pebble/shingle beaches. The water is clear, without currents, and warms up quickly during the summer. There are also great views over the neighboring islands of Heloni, Scorpios, Sparti and Madouri. The place is really equipped and has also a good nightlife.


Dessimi Beach

In a bay on the outer shore of Vlychos peninsular, it is a small and sheltered, pebbly beach with clean waters, perfect for canoeing and exploring the little sandy coves and caves along the coast. You will also fine two organized camping sites nearby.


North Coast Beaches

Ai Yiannis Beach

Being open to the northerly winds, Ai Yiannis beach is preferred mostly by wind and kite surfers. Just 3 km west of Lefkada Town, the beach has soft and golden sand and the waters are turquoise. It is accessible by car, while many restaurants and bars are to be found nearby.

ai giannis

Gyra Beach

A particular popular long beach with sand and shingle, opposite the hamlet of the same name. There is a paved road which leads to the beach. Facilities can be found on the beach front.


Kastro Beach

Kastro Beach is a very long white sandy beach with crystal clear blue waters, located quite near to Lefkada Town (about 2 min. by car) and can be found between Ammoglossa and Gyra Beach. It is easily accessible by a paved road and has free parking available next to the beach. You can try go on foot (about 15 – 20 min. walk from Lefkada Town).


Ammoglossa Beach

Right next to the floating bridge of Lefkada, you will find this beautiful coast of golden sand. Its name is taken from its weird shape, meaning Sand Tongue in Greek, since it really resembles a tongue of sand entering the sea. Ideal for families as the waters surrounding it are pretty shallow, Ammoglossa boasts unique scenery that looks like more like a small lagoon!