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Bellenis Tower: Leros Historical & Folklore Museum

History goes a long way, when it comes to Leros. This lovely destination in the Dodecanese boasts an impressive past, which is embodied through the most prominent historic attractions on the island. One of them is a wonderful building that blends the antitheses of different eras on the island, known as the iconic Bellenis Tower in Alinda settlement.

bellenis tower

Bellenis Tower can easily be seen from the port and is certainly going to catch your eye, whether you have heard about it or not. The building probably dates back to the 1920s and has served as a vacation house for the Greek benefactor named Parisis Bellenis. It is made of high quality stone and stretches to two different levels (three, if you count the smaller towers). There is a graceful evergreen garden surrounding the luxurious mansion, which was first transformed into a hospital and later on a historical and folklore museum. Nowadays, it is the latter. As a must-see attraction on the island, Bellenis Tower is visited daily by travelers from all over the world. After all, it provides a thorough insight on the past and present of Leros, in a way that no other sight on the island can.

bellenis tower

There are collections of wearing apparel, utensils, fabrics and other items of daily use. In addition, some old findings from the hospital’s equipment reflect the building’s most recent past. And of course, there could not be war items and findings from the prominent naval battles. The entire history of the island can be found here, in its different sections. But in the end, everything is in perfect alignment. From an architectural point of view, the building blends together elements from the Medieval era and the Neoclassical times. Even the slightest detail has been carefully designed, with the outcome being truly mesmeric to watch and take picture of.