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Beaches in Patmos: Small Slivers of Paradise!

Besides being an island of great devout significance, Patmos is also well known for its unspoiled beauty. Strolling up and down Patmos Chora (its main town) or discovering the picturesque villages, visiting the sights and attractions, these are all amazing. But what would a Greek island be without marvelous beaches? In this aspect, beaches in Patmos definitely score high and offer superb places for a swim, sunbathing or even snorkeling and indulging in water sports!

beaches in patmos

Kambos Beach is probably the most famous beach on the island. It is a shingle beach, well-organized with modern facilities. Visitors here have the chance to enjoy a relaxing day out in the sun. They may experiment with windsurfing or paragliding or take in the salty breeze.

Grikos Beach is pebbled and provides a lovely setting for tourists and locals alike. This is another popular beach of Patmos, in close proximity to a wonderful village and with various facilities. Agios Nikolaos, on the other hand, is a much more secluded beach on the island. The small church bearing the same name is the highlight here.

beaches in patmos

Psili Ammos is a frequent name for Greek beaches, as it points out the fact that the beach is made of fine sand. This is an isolated beach with tamarisk trees, most comfortably reached by boat. Skala Beach is popular, but equally thrilling. It is composed of pebbles and features great facilities.

Agriolivado (meaning the wild field) is sandy with some fine pebbles and verdant surroundings. Its crystalline waters, along with the sun beds and umbrellas, make this beach a splendid option for a swim or a day of absolute relaxation and invigoration.

beaches in patmos

These are just few of the beaches in Patmos you should be looking for, when visiting the island. Find the time to discover them all, in between your explorations. And above all, make time to lay back and relax, appreciating the beauty of the island and its special charms!