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Autumn Destinations in Greece

5 destinations ideal for Autumn

Greece is considered by many a summer destination. Yet beyond the sunny islands and their worm sands lies a side of the country still unknown to many. For a small country, it has a great variety of locations that are ideal for autumn and that lately become progressively more popular among travels. These are five examples of how Greece can shine also in autumn.


Ioannena is a city in the north-western part of Greece, built in the shores of an idyllic lake. It is a city with a long history that it is reflected in the architecture of its buildings. From the medieval city gates and castle, to the ottoman mosques and the Jewish synagogue, Ioannina has many stories to share with its visitors and it appears as if autumn was the season for this city to be experienced. Walking the historical center of Ioannina reveals the multicultural influences that the city had during its past which translates also to a very interesting gastronomical identity with delightful pastry with eastern influences. Yet the soul of the city is the lake Pamvotis that mirrors this beautiful jewel of a city.


Another city built in the shorelines of a lake is Kastoria. This city of West Macedonia, has scenic Byzantine churches and picturesque buildings remnants of the Ottoman empire. If you are a fur enthusiast this is the place for you as Kastoria is famous for its fur clothing industry. It is an international center of fur trade that dates back to the Byzantine empire and has many places for shopping. It is also a very important religious center and there is a great number of churches to visit. Taking a walk in the promenade and visiting the stone bridge is where the real beauty of Kastoria lies.


Nafpaktos is a city with a very rich history. Reaching back to the antiquity and the middle ages, Nafpaktos became famous for the naval battle of Lepanto that took place there. Remnants of its history are the port’s fortifications and the venetian fortress on top of the town, which is also a great place to marvel the breathtaking view. Nafpaktos is a beautiful place to visit all around the year but it is during the autumn that the color palette reaches its apex offering one of the best sunsets.

Plastiras Lake

The area around the Plastiras Lake is a nice place to relax. The lake is artificial but there is nothing artificial about the natural beauty surrounding it. Located in Thessaly, during the last few years many hotels and spa centers were built there. Thus, Plastiras lake became a favorite destination by many citizens of Athens and Thessaloniki and it is remarkable the quality of the hotels and restaurants located there. This along with the picturesque forest made Plastiras Lake perfect for autumn.


Volos is a port city located in a delightful gulf and under the Pylion mountain. It is a very interesting city with rich history and superb food. Yet the highlight of Volos that makes it an ideal autumn destination is Pylion mountain. A land of fairytales, Pylion during the antiquity was considered the home of the centaurs, mythical creatures that were half-human, half-horse. Visiting this area, it can be understood why. The forest with its tall trees during the autumn creates the perfect scenery for fables.