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Athens Transport Ticket Tips!

What are the different types of tickets for Athens transport system?

If you are planning to travel to Athens soon, check some useful information regarding public tickets; how to use, where to get and for how much!

Type of Ticket

Ticket Price

90-min ticket for all modes € 1.40 
24-hour ticket for all modes € 4,5 
5-day ticket for all modes € 9 
3-day tourist ticket € 22
Express Bus ticket for the airport € 6
Metro ticket for the airport
(also valid for Suburban Railway and all other modes)
€ 10,
ticket for 2 persons € 18,
ticket for 3 persons € 24
Return Metro ticket for the airport (for 2 journeys in under 7 days) € 18

What kind of ticket do I need to travel from/to the Athens airport?

To travel from to/the Athens airport and the city of Athens you need one of the following tickets:

  • A metro ticket for the airport (€10)
  • Return Metro tickets for the airport (€18) and 2 and 3 persons group tickets for the airport (€18 and €24) exist as well.
  • An express bus ticket for the airport (€6)
  • A 3-day tourist ticket  (€22)

NO other tickets are valid for travelling from/to the Athens airport and the city.

Where can I buy a ticket?

Tickets for Athens public transport can be purchased at:

  1. Automatic ticket issuing machines at all Metro, Tram, and Suburban Railway stations
  2. Ticket offices at many Metro, Tram and Suburban railway stations (Operating hours of Athens Metro ticket offices)
  3. Blue/yellow ticket booths next to many central bus stations
  4. Many newsstands/kiosks

For more information visit: http://www.athenstransport.com/english/tickets/