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Athens Street Food Festival 2018

Where will you be in May? If you visit Athens, then you will be glad to know that there is one more reason to draw you in! Athens Street Food Festival 2018 will take place on consecutive Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays of the month. So everyone will get their chance to taste high quality and delicious treats! Are you thinking of something more enticing than that?

History of Athens Street Food Festival

Athens Street Food Festival

It is already the third year of Athens Street Food Festival. An event that has made a buzz in the city, offering exquisite experiences to those who have attended. Imagine the aromas from freshly baked goods, blended with the smell of grilled meat, burgers and hot dogs. But even vegan options are available. Stuffed mushrooms straight from the grill or falafel, hummus and so much more!

The best street food options will be awarded, as usual. So there is an incentive for all chefs and their teams to create culinary wonders. And all the people who visit the festival will definitely be rewarded for their decision to do so. Free binging is not only allowed, but rather welcomed!

The exact dates of the festival are the following:

4-5-6 May
11-12-13 May
18-19-20 May

A true institution for foodies everywhere has been established. Athens introduces the world with original flavors from the street. Because gourmet dining is not only about high-end restaurants. Prepared on the spot, the most authentic dishes of Greek cuisine are taken to the next level. With respect to seasonality and with the intention of highlighting the uniqueness of local products, the outcome is purely amazing!

Athens Street Food Festival

Right in the heart of the city, Athens Street Food Festival will be held at Palio Amaxostasio of OSY in Gazi (Pireos & Ermou Str.). Doors will be open and more than 100,000 attendants are expected. Will you be one of them?