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Athens International Film Festival Opening Nights

Athens International Film Festival has been offering a breath of fresh air in cinema since 1995. In the heart of Athens, cinema beats really fast every autumn. Now the festival will be held from 20 September to 1 October, 2017. And it is going to be fantastic!

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Athens International Film Festival

Do you love films? Do you wish to combine arts and culture along with your autumn getaway? Then Athens is the perfect destination. Discover the hidden artistic gems that will appear at the festival for the first time. One of the most impressive presences at Athens International Film Festival Opening Nights 23 will be Vanessa Redgrave. She was involved in the refugee crisis at the Greek islands. Now she will be visiting Athens. Her role is to communicate her documentary on the crisis.

Tickets are already on sale. Guests will have the opportunity to buy bundles of tickets. In this way, they may benefit from multiple airings. There are special categories of films available throughout the festival. Amongst them, you will find International Competition and Music & Film. There are also the Festival Darlings and Greek Short Stories. International Short Stories and Airings after Hours, Special Screenings and Stranger Than Fiction also catch global attention. Aren’t you intrigued? We surely are!

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