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Athens Among World’s Top 50 Millennial Destinations

Athens is among the world’s top 50 cities attracting millennials, according to a survey released on April 19th by online housing platform Nestpick.

The Berlin-based aggregator platform studied thousands of cities based on 16 criteria including housing score, tolerance to immigration, equality and nightlife, ranking the top 100 cities for millennials to live or visit. Amsterdam took the lead at number 1 for its strong business ecosystem, high levels of openness and recreation options. Berlin, Munich and Lisbon followed as did Antwerp, Barcelona, Lyon, Cologne, Paris and Vancouver in the top 10 listing.


“At Nestpick we’ve witnessed firsthand a clear pattern of migration among millennials from all over the world to specific cities,” said Ömer Kücükdere, Managing Director of Nestpick. “UNWTO data confirms that travelers among this generation choose these same cities for their leisure time, confirming a clear appeal of these cities over others for this group. We set out to better understand the factors which combine to create this phenomenon.”

Athens ranks 46th overall and first in terms of housing, scoring highest for cities with under 1 million inhabitants. Housing was assessed based on affordability.

Out of 100, Athens scored 99 for employment, 16 for transport, 71 for LGBT friendliness, 36 for startups, 28 for health, 96 for contraception, 14 for its night scene, 47 for tourism, 14 for food, 24 for gender equality, four for housing, 33 for Internet speed and 85 for immigration.


Venice scored the highest in tourism (for cities with under 1 million inhabitants), and Brno in the Czech Republic for food. The tourism ranking was calculated based on the number of overnight stays in each city for the 18-35 age group using UNWTO data, and the food score in terms of monthly cost.

(Source: GPT)