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Athenian Riviera: Top Places to Be

Athenian Riviera is a major attraction of the city, especially to those who are in constant love with the sea. Of course, attention is drawn to the thousands of islands scattered around the mainland of Greece. But Athens can be equally appealing, when it comes to the aquatic element. The water embraces the Greek capital and provides the ultimate backdrop for unique vistas. So if you wish to discover the watery dreams of Athens, then hop on and set out on an adventure on the waterfront!

Top 5 of the Athenian Riviera

Cape Sounio

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Perhaps this is the most popular place in Athenian Riviera. The Temple of Poseidon encompasses the true essence of Athens. It is the water that mesmerizes travelers and brings them closer. The water that allows the sun spread all around in absolute bliss. This is Poseidon’s element. And what a better place for the Athenians to build his home? A temple dedicated to the power of the sea and its God. The view from the temple is simply astonishing!


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This is on of the high-end regions of Athens. Glyfada is a major shopping attraction and offers great facilities. You can indulge in a shopping spree and then catch your breath at one of the cafes nearby. There is a promenade allowing you to walk by the water and admire the boats at the marina or the beach. If you feel like it, you may rent a bike or get on the tram. These are the best ways for discovering this part of the Riviera.


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Flisvos or Floisvos is a huge marina with amazing landscape. Once you visit the place, you will be lost for words. The views as you are walking up and down the cobbled promenade are stunning. You have the opportunity to enjoy a warm cup of coffee or an ice cold beer at the restaurants and cafeterias of this complex. Alternatively, you may grab a fruit smoothie and just sit on the benches by the marina. Either way, the experience is breathtaking!

Palaio Faliro

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A polished neighborhood on the seafront will definitely catch your eye! Just a breath from Flisvos, Palaio Faliro offers so much more. You can go at the beach and dive in the crystalline waters of the Argosaronic Gulf. Or bask in the sun over a glass of chilled wine; read a book listening to the waves and feeling the salty breeze; enjoy Greek and Mediterranean cuisine literally dipping your feet in the water. Whatever you do, it is going to be fascinating!


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Last but not least, it is Piraeus that will amaze you at the Athenian Riviera. Greece’s biggest and most significant port, Piraeus has inspired songs and movies. It has always been the centerpiece of the local economy. And now there are many restaurants and cafes along the coastline for you to explore. At night, the lights from the boats are inviting you for a leisurely stroll. Who can resist the timeless charms of Piraeus?

Discover the Athenian Riviera, where the land and the sea become one. Whether you choose to do the full tour or just visit a few places composing the Athenian dream, you will be dazzled!