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Aspropountas Lighthouse: A Whitewashed Wonder in Folegandros

When you visit Folegandros, you are instantly charmed! Its unique architecture and fairytale-like landscapes create a marvelous setting. And on the southwestern coast of the island, a special landmark awaits! Aspropountas Lighthouse stands tall and welcomes travelers. Isolated on the edge of the cliff and overlooking the Aegean, this is the place to be for dramatic views and amazing photos!

Visiting Aspropountas Lighthouse

Aspropountas Lighthouse

This old lighthouse dates back to 1919. It was built to notify seamen approaching the island. To do so, the islanders constructed it at an altitude of 58 meters above sea level. Its mechanism has changed a lot over the years and now it operates using solar power. It is located at Giofiri (Greek for Bridge). If you are wondering why it is called “Aspropountas”, this is where it was supposed to be built. Although the location changed, the name didn’t.

You may access Aspropountas Lighthouse by two ways. Livadaki Beach is about 15 minutes from the lighthouse. Ano Meria requires about an hour. Follow the hiking paths and you will see it. Upon reaching this landmark, you will be stunned by the views. Be sure to take some water with you, as there are no facilities on site.

Visiting Greece

Aspropountas Lighthouse

As part of an exquisite 10-day package in Greece, Folegandros welcomes you to explore it. This is an island of unspoiled beauty and invites travelers to enjoy easy living. Book your tickets and set out for a journey to Athens, Milos, Folegandros and Santorini.