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Aspra Spitia in Paralia Distomou

Imagine whitewashed houses with a spellbounding sea view, away from the crowds of the big cities and still maintaining their own distinctive style. These houses are not set on an island, like you would have guessed. No, in fact they are the initiative of a pioneer company in Greece, dating back to 1963. This is when the Aluminium of Greece decided to start building Aspra Spitia (literally translating to White Houses) for the company’s workforce that would relocate to the area. The outcome is purely mesmeric and impresses travelers up till now, creating a precedent that many other companies would want to imitate.

aspra spitia

Nowadays, Aspra Spitia in Boetoia is a unique settlement that has been characterized as modern, yet with a nostalgic feel that adds to its charm. The whole settlement is shaped as a huge L, with a small port that serves the needs of the region. The infrastructures are outstanding, with a school and many stores, entertainment options and everything one might have wanted for a pleasant stay. Well over 3,000 inhabitants have chosen this place and its more than 1,000 houses, all in perfect alignment with the natural surroundings. Doxiadis Associates have definitely surpassed themselves in terms of creativity and thinking outside the box, with the continuous support of the French Pechiney.

aspra spitia

While you are strolling up and down the neighborhoods, you will see names of great Greek writers and heroes of Greek Mythology. Just 2 kilometers from Antikira and 10 kilometers from the famous village of Distomo, this is a wonderful option for your retreat. Natural beauty, peace and quiet, utter serenity within an idyllic ambiance…what more could you ask for?