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Asopos Gorge in Lamia

Asopos Gorge has been known ever since antiquity and is the natural barrier between Mountains Oiti (Oeta) and Kallidromon. It is located in Lamia, Fthiotis, forming an excellent place for nature enthusiasts. The gorge shapes a wetland of unique ecological value, with towering cliffs on either side and with lush greenery adding to the idyllic environment. If you are looking for a place of moderate difficulty to hike surrounded by nature’s magnitude, then you should look no further! The so called “Railing Path”, thanks to the rail tracks passing through the route, awaits!

asopos gorge

One of the highlights in the hiking route of Asopos Gorge is hands down Kouvelos location. This is a spectacular rocky mountain, where travelers come across the archaeological site of the Castle of Oria. In this area you will find the remains of an ancient city and walls that probably belong to the ancient Trachina settlement. This settlement has been one of the five cities in the Kingdom of Achilles. During the ruling of the Franks, a significant fortified settlement was developed there with a Byzantine castle. An ancient cemetery of Hellenistic times has also been found and has been partially excavated to this date.

asopos gorge

An amazing route at Asopos Gorge begins under the railway bridge called Papadia and reaches the Bridge of Asopos, at the end of the valley. And it is also worth pointing out the fact that the Efialtis path is within short distance. This is where the traitor of ancient times led the Persians, in order to help them defeat the heroic King Leonidas with his 300 Spartans. So this is an added element of history that will make your visit to the area even more pleasurable and thrilling!