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Wine Tourism in Peloponnese: Argolida

Tradition meets modernity and advanced techniques, along with exquisite mastery, in Argolida wine tourism. This beautiful region of Greece, located in the eastern part of Peloponnese, boasts a great and impressive history with wine. And it is the very same region where 7% of the area of the Nemea PDO zones is found. The famous Agiorgitiko grape his prevalent in the vineyards of Argolida, mostly producing deep red wines with a full body and velvety texture for unique experiences.In an idyllic environment of extraordinary natural beauty, the hard work of professional wine makers has paid off and the result is absolutely stunning.

argolida wine tourism

Wine roads in Argolida feature a lot of different destinations, all of which are equally enticing and hold long-kept secrets, waiting to be revealed to wine enthusiasts from all over the world. You are welcome to indulge in Argolida wine tourism, following the routes of Malandreni, Mycenae, Tiryns and An alternative route takes you from Nafplion to Argos, Kefalari, Elliniko, Mili and Nea Kios. Or else, head to Asine, Tolo, Drepano, Vivari, Cantia and Iria or finally start at Nafplion and reach Lygourio, as well as the historic Ancient Theater of Epidaurus. There are many options available for you to select from, visiting different wineries and finding out more about the local grape varieties, aging procedures and details that make exquisite wine from scratch.

argolida wine tourism

Argolida is a splendid destination, filled with unique treasures that will make your vacations to the Greek mainland absolutely remarkable. You are welcome to explore the picturesque coastal town of Naflpion, the first capital of Greece after the War of Independence and one of the top romantic destinations in the country. Walk through the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, where all the great writers and prominent personalities once stood and shaped the history of this place. And all that, topping it off with the most mouth-watering wine flavors, prepared to perfection for your palate only…