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Archanes Village Just a Breath from Heraklion

Are you looking for the real feel of an authentic Cretan village? Then Archanes is just the place to be! Within short distance from Heraklion and the archeological site of Knossos Palace, this is a destination that will travel you back in time. Consisting of the upper and lower villages, Archanes is embraced by the imposing Giouktas mountain. The entire area has been restored, with newly paved pathways and neoclassical stone houses. The locals have paid great attention to detail, reviving a truly impressive history of 5,000 years, as evidenced by the historic findings around the village.


As part of the E4 European Hiking Path, Archanes is ideal for nature enthusiasts and those who love adventure. But at the same time, some of the top attractions in the area feature the Folklore Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the Sculpture Workshop and the Cretan History Museum. There is also a restored factory, where you can see from up close how traditional olive oil is made of Cretan olives. As for hospitality, Cretans are certainly world famous for that and locals here are no exception. Be sure to raise your glass with raki and wish for good health and prosperity. And do not forget to taste the amazing delicacies that encompass Mediterranean cuisine at its best. Scarlet red tomatoes, kritamo and other greens, whole grain rusks and abundant olive oil, feta cheese and so much more will compose the best meal of your life…till you enjoy the next Cretan meal and then the next one!


If you visit Crete, squeeze in a day or two to discover Heraklion and of course visit Archanes. A magical blend of the past and present will wait for you patiently, in a place where time actually stands still and inspires travelers to appreciate every single moment. Gorgeous natural landscapes, historic sites and great cultural elements, just a breath from the vibrant city of Heraklion and still maintaining its unique character.