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The Archaeological Site of Amnissos

The past is brought to light at the archaeological site of Amnissos. It is the area of Paleochora. In this place people have lived since the Middle Minoan era. The first excavations on site took place in the 1920s. They revealed remains of an impressive archaeological monument. It is a Minoan villa located within proximity to Heraklion. No wonder it attracts travelers from everywhere in the world.

Major Attractions at the Archaeological Site of Amnissos

archaeological site of amnissos

Paleochora is situated on a small hill at the bay of Karteros. As soon as you access the site, you will be amazed at the surroundings. You will also realize that the monument has been well preserved over time. The most famous part of Amnissos is without a doubt the Mansion of the Lilies. A Minoan mansion of exquisite beauty is built there. Lilies decorate the interior, giving the name that best describes the attraction. The blossomed flowers are fantastic!

The Sanctuary of Zeus Thenatas is another prominent sight in the area. According to Greek mythology, Zeus was born in the wider area. Since he was hunted by his father Zeus, he had to be hidden somewhere. So he was carried away from his place of birth. But doing so, his navel fell off and marked the area. That’s why in antiquity the archaeological site of Amnissos was known as Navel Valley. The sanctuary dates back to 7th century BC.

It is worth scheduling a visit at the archaeological site. In this way, you will see from up close one of the finest elements from Middle Minoan era. Do not forget to combine such a visit with a tour in Heraklion. Crete is a beautiful island, blessed with immense beauty and prominent history. You should discover its very essence and enjoy every moment of your stay, always with the guidance of Travel Zone!