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Antiparos, at the heart of the Cyclades

The hidden elegant gem of the Aegean islands

Antiparos, is a small rocky inhabited island which is found South of the Aegean, in the heart of Cyclades, and which is less than one mile away from Paros. Antiparos will steal your heart that is not a coincidence!

The main town is a beautiful picturesque compilation of white washed houses and pedestrian roads. Apart from a famous touristic destinations, Antiparos is a place with history, monuments and great symbols. For this reason it is visited every year by throusands of tourists who smin at the clean beaches and admire one of the most ancient caves in the world as well as the unique view. Walking through the narrow alleys you will find great small shops and will also enjoy great food such as delicious fresh fish.

This tiny satelite- island of Paros has become particularly popular among the younger people as it also has a great nightlife to offer. Additionally the fact that there many shallow beaches on a walking distance and family friendly restaurant -cafes such as Yam in the main town, make the destination ideal for families with young children.


“Yam”, the family friendly restaurant- cafe in Antiparos town

Agios Georgios is a very popular settlement of the island and with its perfect beaches can be a perfect base for tranquil vacation.

It is ideal for both long term vacation down to a a day’s visit for those residing in Paros.

Highlight: Island Day Cruise during which you can visit the exotic beaches, swim in crystal blue waters, dive and snorkel into the sea caves and enjoy drinks and a barbecue on the tiny island of Despotiko.