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Angelos Sikelianos Museum: A Modern Gem in Lefkada

Angelos Sikelianos is one of the greatest poets and writers in Lefkada. He has been nominated multiple times for Nobel Prize of Literature and his work has known universal acclaim. A modern gem in the cultural world of the island has just launched. Angelos Sikelianos Museum is now open for the public to visit. A true landmark of the island where this famous man was born and thrived!

Angelos Sikelianos Museum: Memories Come Alive

Angelos Sikelianos Museum

The museum is dedicated to the life and work of Angelos Sikelianos. It is in fact the place where he lived most of his life. In this house, which has been renovated, people are welcome to become part of his wonder. They can visit the various rooms and have a look at the important exhibits. Everything has been gathered through donations, as well as thorough research.

With the active contribution of the National Bank of Greece, the museum is now open. Whoever wants to visit the museum can do so from Wednesday to Sunday, except National Holidays. Operating hours stretch from 10.00 a.m. to 14.00 p.m. (with the addition of 16.00-20.00 on Wednesday and 14.00-18.00 on Friday).

Celebrating One of Lefkada’s Myths

Angelos Sikelianos Museum

Angelos Sikelianos Museum is definitely the capping stone of a well-appreciated man. People of Lefkada are well aware of the significance of this great poet and writer. They understand that he has given the island worldwide acknowledgement. So they want the world to know what Angelos Sikelianos means to them. This has been the driving force for the establishment of this modern museum. Both locals and travelers from all over the world should check it out and see exactly the magnitude of his work.

It is worth paying a visit to this brand-new cultural landmark, which introduces everyone to the world of Angelos Sikelianos!