Anavatos Chios: Towering History

Perched on the edge of a conical cliff, Anavatos Chios is an imposing landmark of the island. Less than 20 kilometers from Chios Town, this Byzantine village adds distinct color to the wider area. From the medieval times till now, it has remained an awe-inspiring attraction. Two gorges surround the village, offering fresh water. Approximately 400 buildings compose a true natural shelter. That is why they chose the name Anavatos. It derives from Ascension, which is exactly what their purpose was. Building a village so far away, protecting it from all harm…

A Tour to Anavatos Chios

Anavatos Chios

Anavatos Chios is one of the most impressive towering villages in Greece. It has been named Mystras of Chios. The resemblance is striking, of course! As they will explain during the tour, the village was first built on the foot of the cliff. Later on, the inhabitants chose to ascend. In this way, the fortification became stronger.

Amongst the houses, you will also see the Churches of Taxiarchis and Holy Mother. Nowadays, the village is not inhabited. Its destruction during the Greek War of Independence in 1822 was followed by another catastrophe. In late 19th century, an earthquake devastated the village and caused huge problems to the inhabitants. So they decided to leave Anavatos, in search of safer ground.

During your visit, you will be able to admire the fierce natural beauty. The view from above is magical! Plus you may catch your breath at the single café in the area. And as you are strolling on the cobbled pathways, you will get an unmatched feeling of nostalgia…A wonderful experience in Chios, a must-visit destination!