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The Amazing Gialova Lagoon

Gialova lagoon constitutes one of the most important wetlands, not only in Greece but all around Europe. It is located in the Peloponnese and more specifically in the region of Messenia. Within short distance from Pylos and the legendary Nestor Palace, the lagoon is also near the emblematic beach of Voidokilia. A special place due to its evergreen charms, this entire area attracts travelers from all over the world with great fondness towards nature.

gialova lagoon

Stretching for a vast area of 6,000 acres, Gialova lagoon is home to over 270 bird species. Many of them are migratory birds, all the way from Africa, spreading to Europe and the world. As you may imagine by now, this is a place of unique ecological value and therefore it is 100% justified why it has been considered a protected area by Natura 2000. Cormorans and flamingos, seagulls and imperial eagles are just few of these spectacular birds finding shelter to the lagoon. Birdwatching is definitely on the rise in Greece and many enthusiasts choose Peloponnese and Gialova to enjoy gems of exquisite value.

gialova lagoon

Apart from birds, however, you are welcome to admire rare species of flora and fauna. One of the most precious species to find here is the African chameleon. This is indeed a blissful place, else called Divari. A wildlife habitat, whose alternative name comes from Vivarium. Vivarium is Latin and means fish catchery. Not far from the wetland, one is able to enjoy luxurious accommodation in the one-of-a-kind Costa Navarino. However, just as easily travelers are welcome to camp at Gialova lagoon and explore the neighboring regions. Filiatra, Kiparisia, Pylos and so many other villages and towns await.