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Alonnisos Marine Park: Nature at Its Best

Nature’s wonders often leave us in awe. Alonnisos Marine Park is a fine example of such an astonishing landscape in Northern Sporades. Founded in 1993, it is the largest marine protected area in Europe. The place is world renowned as home to the protected, endangered species of monk seal (Monachus Monachus). So Alonnisos Marine Park provides the ultimate environment for rare animals and plants.

Visiting Alonnisos Marine Park

alonnisos marine park

As soon as you visit Alonnisos Marine Park, you will be fascinated. The surroundings are breathtaking. There are steep rock formations of limestone. Of course, you will also admire the natural caves that are used by the monk seal. Lush greenery makes the marine park amazingly beautiful.

Travelers who wish to visit Alonnisos Marine Park are welcome to swim in the crystal clear waters. There are special spots where they can even fish, if they want to. Since the marine park is home to hundreds of species, rare fish can be found underwater. Hiking in nature is an exceptional activity, simple yet absolutely satisfactory.

A Place of Unspoiled Beauty


The park is rich in marine life and consists of Alonnisos and six other islets. The wealth of the area was brought to light after a documentary. The zoologist, geologist and anthropologist Dr. Thomas-Schultze Westrum in 1976 introduced Alonnisos to the world.

One of the coolest facts about the marine park is that it is 94% made of sea. It is refuge to some truly amazing birds, animals and of course fish. You can see the wild goat or falcons and seagulls flying over the sky. There are also dolphins, swimming happily and welcoming guests.

It is worth scheduling a daily cruise to Alonnisos Marine Park. You will take a glimpse of nature’s marvels in an unspoiled environment. Sporades are amazingly beautiful. Alonnisos is a great place for quiet vacations. Check with Travel Zone and let’s create memories of a lifetime!