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Alonnisos Folk Museum: A Dive in the Island’s Past

Are you fascinated by pirates and their glorious times? Maybe you are interested in maritime and trade, or even folklore details and past habits that have faded through time. Either way, you will be thrilled to know that Alonnisos Folk Museum has enough for everyone. It is a place where the island’s past comes alive, offering a glimpse at the way islanders used to live…and the way pirates lived, too!

alonissos folk museum

The museum was launched in 2001, after the initiatives of Kostas and Angela Mavrikis. It is a four-storey restored house, located in Patitiri settlement. Overlooking the sea, it was bound to dedicate a lot of room in maritime and commerce. But the unique spectacle provided in this privately owned museum is the theme of piracy. In fact, in Alonnisos Folk Museum you can have a look at pirates’ items and equipment. In this way, you delve in the mysteries of pirates and find yourself among Barbarossa and other legendary personalities of the past. The museum can be accessed easily from the harbor, walking for a few meters. It is made of stone and inside you can see all the cultural heritage of Alonnisos gathered in one place. And the best part? It is decorated with marble sculptures and paintings of prominent artists that have fallen in love with Alonnisos over time.

alonissos folk museum

Archaeological findings from excavations carried out over centuries, parts of old ships and items from the piracy life in the 16th-18th centuries, an old olive press and even a razor used by the island’s glorious barber, these are just few of the reasons why you should visit Alonnisos Folk Museum. Be sure to check the opening hours before visiting. They typically stretch from 11am to 7pm daily during summer. And finally, check out any events taking place by the museum. For example, the Annual Art Market is held every year in late July and adds a different flair to the entire experience. Have fun!