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Alonnisos Chora & Patitiri Settlements

Alonnisos Chora was once the capital of the island. However, after a major earthquake that devastated Alonnisos back in 1965, the locals decided to migrate. So they turned to the port and formed their new, current capital at Patitiri. Both these places are interrelated, obviously, through the passing of time. They depict the past and the present in the most eloquent manner possible. And above all, they are equally breathtaking and inviting to all.

alonissos chora

First off, let’s begin with Alonnisos Chora. This is a picturesque settlement located a mere 4 kilometers from the harbor. Built amphitheatrically, the Old Village offers wonderful views to the crystalline waters and the stunning surroundings. The whitewashed houses with red tiles and Medieval inspiration, the cobbled streets and the hospitable islanders, traditions that revive and churches that boost the unique spiritual character of this place make Chora a true sight for sore eyes. You are most welcome to walk past the restored houses and have a taste of spoon sweets, along with Greek coffee made with care and love. And the best part, this settlement is easily accessible via bus or using donkeys. You can also drive there from Patitiri, as it is a sweet and lovely route.

alonissos chora

Then, we move forward with Patitiri. Its name literally translates to winepress and it highlights the long-lasting tradition of wine making in this particular place on the island. Unfortunately, this tradition has ceased abruptly due to catastrophic bugs that had wiped out the entire vineyards. Patitiri is the largest settlement on the island and the place where all the buzz is. This means that you will find many cafes and restaurants, bars and all kinds of shops, stores and super markets, banks and whatever you may need during your vacations. And this is where the buses start, taking you to Old Alonnisos and the National Marine Park. Plus, there is a beach with clear blue waters for you to enjoy.