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Agios Nikolaos Church in Chalki

Located in the settlement of Nimborio, the Church of Agios Nikolaos in Chalki has an impressive history to tell. It is the main cathedral of the island, with an imposing bell tower that is indeed the tallest of the Dodecanese. Its elaborate architecture, the amazing details on the courtyard and the fine materials used in its making compose an exceptional outcome. And it is in fact a truly wonderful experience to visit this dove-white church on the most popular place of Chalki island.

agios nikolaos

Outside, you will be fascinated by the mosaic decorating the yard. Made with pebbles of black and white, the patterns are definitely mesmerizing and add to the mystical character of the church. There are also tall trees scattered around, offering their generous shade. Then, the altitude of the bell tower is impressive. The church dates back to the Byzantine era, while it has been built on the ruins of an ancient temple. It was reconstructed in the 18th century, shaped to its current form.

agios nikolaos

Upon reaching the cathedral of Agios Nikolaos, you will see an eye on the top of the main entrance. The writing just below says: “It is the eye of justice that sees it all”. Once inside the cathedral, you will be stunned by the lush chandeliers and the detailed décor. And if you are lucky enough to attend mass, you are going to love each and every single moment – so be sure to do so! And then, enjoy the surroundings and the relaxed atmosphere. Especially at sunset, when the whole settlement of Nimborio gets covered by thousands of colors, the scenery is breathtaking.