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Aegean Film Festival 2018 – Patmos & Paros

Are you a film enthusiast, in love with the Greek islands? Then Aegean Film Festival 2018 is definitely the highlight of your stay! In the heart of the summer, two islands contribute to the prestige of global film making. The festival takes place in Patmos from 17 to 22 July and in Paros from 24 to 29 July. And the heart of cinema beats fast in the Aegean!

Aegean Film Festival 2018

This festival marks a true turning point for Greek cinema, since it allows for film lovers to join in and share their thoughts about the present and the future. Getting together and taking part in wonderful events, master classes and discussions is certainly a source of inspiration. The Aegean Film Festival 2018 is merely the vessel, used by storytellers from all over the world to share their dreams and work. It is an amazing festival, offering not only cinematic knowledge and information. Everyone is able to join the fun, have an iced cold drink and enjoy the ethereal landscapes.

Visual representations, documentaries and short films celebrate this truly unique form of Art. In an environment matching no other, cinema takes on a whole new and different meaning. Both Patmos and Paros are among the most stunning islands in Greece, each holding a special place in the hearts of travelers. Paros is a popular island of Cyclades, world renowned for its whitewashed houses and the magical beaches. And Patmos is a sacred and unspoiled land. The place where Saint John of Patmos wrote the Book of Revelation.

Aegean Film Festival 2018

If you are into the Arts and love film making, these two Greek islands are exquisite in their unique charms. Join the Aegean Film Festival 2018 in Paros & Patmos or indulge in island hopping to capture the essence of the festival in both locations. Enjoy!