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Achilleion Palace Corfu: Romance Overflows

Achilleion Palace is one of the most impressive royal mansions of Europe. It is located in Corfu, a superb island of the Ionian Sea. Just 10 kilometers from the town, the palace is in Gastouri. This wonderful iconic landmark of Corfu was built by two Italians in 1890s. Empress Elisabeth of Austria ordered this imposing palace. Her health was fragile. So she needed a special retreat in nature. And Achilleion Palace is indeed the perfect choice for such a purpose!

Princess Sissi & William II

Achilleion Palace

After the completion of the palace, Empress Elisabeth stayed there. She enjoyed the marvelous surroundings and had a great time. Her life is depicted through the emblematic role performed by Romy Schneider. The film bearing her name was a huge success. And upon her death, the palace passed over to the Kaiser of Germany. William II started redecorating the place. He would have stayed there too. However, the two World Wars prevented that from happening.

Achilleion Palace: A Place of Unspoiled Beauty

Achilleion Palace

Achilleion Palace in Corfu is in fact one of the most impressive imperial mansions of all time. Lush greenery and fine landscaped gardens fill you with euphoria right from the start. As you walk into the palace, you are blown away by the colorful gardens, the flowers and the evergreen surroundings.

As you are walking towards the interior of the palace, Achilles is the prominent character depicted on the statues you will see. After all, it’s his name in Achilleion Palace! So you will find the huge Victorious Achilles and the dramatic Dying Achilles. The first represents one of his victories and is 15 meters high! The second highlights the only weakness of Achilles; his only vulnerability, which led to his death.

Upon visiting the palace, you will also admire the Catholic Chapel of Empress Elisabeth. There are also fabulous statues of Zeus and Hera. The frescoes are amazing and the oil paintings too. The oil painting of Achilles killing Hector is breathtaking. Another piece of art features Odysseus and Nausicaa. Outdoors the Peristyle of the Muses is a place of unmatched beauty.It consists of finely sculpted columns and the nine muses.

Nowadays visitors can access Achilleion Palace and take the tour. In this way, they can take a glimpse at the extravagant past of Corfu. So schedule your visit to Achilleion Palace. Be part of the legend too! A place of wonders awaits!