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A Magical Journey to Sifniot Cuisine

Sifnos is a marvelous island of Cyclades. Famous for its elegance and the wonderful beaches, the sights and attractions, pottery and unspoiled nature, this Cycladic beauty has another reason to enchant travelers. Sifniot cuisine is distinctive than the rest in Greece and features some of the most delicious food you have ever tasted in your life! After all, this is home to the great chef Nikolaos Tselementes. He has undertaken the important task of writing down Greek recipes and adjusting them to contemporary cooking. And he has succeeded in his task with flying colors!

Mouthwatering Sifniot Cuisine

sifniot cuisine

Sifniot cuisine uses the finest ingredients of the land, along with the mastery of housewives in a unique blend. One of the main factors contributing to the exceptional taste of these recipes is pottery. Locals in Sifnos have also mastered the art of pottery. Once you are there, you should take a stroll at the central market by the harbor and get yourself some nice pottery items. They add extra flavor to every dish, allowing cooking process to take its time and release the very essence of each ingredient.

sifniot cuisine

Perhaps the most iconic dish in Sifnos is revithada. Chickpeas cooked slowly in the pot along with spices and herbs. Typically, cooking takes place overnight over charcoal. The outcome definitely compensates you for the long wait. Chickpeas melt like butter and are perfectly sumptuous. This can be an appetizer or a main course, healthy and nutritious. Then, there is mastelo. In this dish, locals use either lamb or goat. They cook it along with wine over vine wood, to avoid boiling.

sifniot cuisine

Caper salad and chickpea balls have won a place at the local table, due to their savory taste and simplicity to make. There are many other things to try out as well, when you visit the island. Local cheese varieties, creamy and salty, are exported overseas. And then there is also dessert. Who would refuse a journey to sweet delicacies? Sifniot cuisine includes amigdalota, or else almond marzipans and macaroons. There are also bourekia, stuffed pastries with walnuts. And so much more, along with organic high quality honey and spoon sweets!