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7 reasons to (re)visit Samos

A multifaceted Aegean island.

Samos is one of these places that you have to visit more than once. I have been in this beautiful North Aegean island numerous times and after every single trip I realize that there were more things to see, to do, to discover. The reason for this is simple. Samos is a big island and a very ancient land. There are beaches, mountains, and forest that is impossible to fully explore; and there are so many remnants of history, from ancient Greek ruins to wine making traditions that makes every trip makes you feel that you have to go back. Therefore, these are the 7 reasons that makes me return to Samos.

1. The unexpected nature

My number one reason is the island’s nature. Samos, in contrast to many Aegean islands, is very green. Thanks to its abundance of springs of fresh water and its fertile soil, Samos has a dense vegetation. For people who enjoy nature, Samos is ideal, as there are tons of things to do here. There are wonderful paths you can follow, that can take you through forests and waterfalls or to unapproachable beaches. Speaking of which…

2. The variety of beaches

Many Greek islands can claim that they have beautiful beaches. Samos however has something more: variety. You can find almost any type of seaside. With sand or shingle, there are many organized and remote beaches that can satisfy any mood or lifestyle. Here you can find more details on the top 10 Samos’ beaches.

3. Its rich history

Samos is an ancient land that goes back to the age of mythology. The island was one of the most important centers of culture, trade and religion in the ancient world. Pythagoras, Aristarchus and Aesop were from Samos, and one of the most important temples of ancient Greece, that of Hera, was built here. As a result, Samos has a ton of things to visit and see. It has two archaeological museums, the aforementioned Hereo temple and many byzantine monasteries and churches. On top of that, there is also the Tunnel of Eupalinos (a.k.a. the Eupalinian aqueduct), the first tunnel in history which was excavated in both ends by using a geometry-base approach!

4. The great wine

When it comes to wine Samos has a long tradition that goes back to the 14th century BC. Mostly famous for its Muscat wines, the island offers some top quality white wines (my personal favorite is Psiles Korfes), and its award-winning sweet wines. Check this article that I wrote for more information.

5. The delicious food

And where there is good wine its almost certain that you will find delicious food! For me the most important part of cuisine is the ingredients, and it is here that Samos really shines. Thanks to the island’s rich vegetation, it is guaranteed that the vegetables and fruits are tasteful and fresh. Also, olive oil, along with wine, is the most famous product of Samos, as it is very rich and full of flavor. Samos offers gastronomical variety with sea food dishes and meat dishes depending on the location of the restaurant.

6. The picturesque towns and villages

If you plan to visit Samos consider to rent a car or a bike. The island is big for Greek standards (476 km2) and the towns, Vathi, Pythagorio and Karlovasi, are far away from each other. Each town each interesting in its personal way. Additionally, you should definitely spend some time on visiting the villages, especially those that are on the mountains. The serene atmosphere, the picturesque village squares and the beautiful little cafés and tavernas is what makes the ‘tour’ to the villages great.

7. It is very easy to reach
Last but not least. Samos is easy to reach. Apart from the flights and ferries that arrive from Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki, in the international airport o Samos they arrive everyday direct flights from all over Europe, such as Amsterdam, Oslo, Berlin, Milan, etc. There is nothing better than boarding a plane in Amsterdam on a rainy morning, only to disembark at a sunny day in Samos.