6 Places to visit in Milos

6 ways to experience the magical island of Milos.

Milos is located at the very edge of the Cyclades. It shares many similarities with the other Aegean islands but manages, thanks to its volcanic nature, to be sublime in its very own way. It is an island that at times appears almost mythical and magical and these six places are the perfect examples of how Milos achieves that.

The Catacombs

What does the village Tripiti in Milos have in common with The Vatican and Paris? The answer is that they all three have catacombs. That’s right. Milos has one of the most well preserved catacombs that can be found worldwide and they are considered as the third greatest pre-Christian structure of this kind. What makes these catacombs different and unique from others is that they consist of a complex of caves cut into the volcanic rock of the island, which makes them a peculiar yet fascinating sight.


Sarakiniko beach looks almost unreal and it appears as it came straight out of a science fiction movie. Thanks to the island’s volcanic geology Sarakiniko has this unique color and shape while no trees or vegetation grow there. It is the combination of these elements that give to this place the feeling that you are landed on the moon. And Sarakiniko is not beautiful only during the day but also at night. Especially the full moon nights when the moon light reflects on the white rocks the effect is mesmerizing and magical.

Papafragkas’ Cave

Papafragas’ cave is a small natural wonder. Practically a deep sea cave that it was used as a safe hidden cove by pirates, it is now a bizarre and beautiful tourist attraction. Swimming there is an inimitable experience, as the formation of the rocks along with the crystal waters create a natural swimming pool.

Agali Beach

Agali beach is more than a bay than a beach and it is the ideal place for those who value remoteness. Located in the island’s eastern side it is a hard place to reach but the rough beauty of Agali can be very rewarding.

The Old Sulfur Mines

Milos has many landscapes that combine pure natural beauty and a sense that inspires awe. The Old Sulfur Mines is one of these places. Located in the bay of Paliorema, these abandoned quarries are a remnant of the era that Milos exported sulfur all over the world. And the mines’ ruins is a great historical sight but also renders an particularly gorgeous scenery for the beach that lies next to it. In other words, visiting the Sulfur Mines is an opportunity to combine a relaxing day at the beach with getting to know the history of the island.

The Kalamos Volcano

At Kalamos lies the heart of the island. There, in the center of the island is located the dormant volcano of Milos. It may be that its last eruption took place in 90,000 BC but the its results are what make Milos so unique for its richness in mineral and its natural beauty. Visiting the volcano is also a nice way to get to know the island as walking through the many routes that lead there, can give you an opportunity to marvel the very inland of this Cycladic island.