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1st Thessaloniki Cocktail Festival

What could be more idyllic than summer nights over chilled glasses of cocktails? Summer is the perfect time to indulge in such fruity flavors. This is why the 1st Thessaloniki Cocktail Festival from TropTown hits it off on June 2nd and 3rd. Soon the weather is going to be hot and nights will be filled with music, dance and…well, drinks! What are you waiting for? Whether or not you are a cocktail enthusiast, this is an event not to be missed!

Thessaloniki Cocktail Festival

At the court yard of the Town Hall in Thessaloniki, the first festival dedicated to cocktails is ready to enchant you. Admission is free, which is a nice bonus for those who wish to have a taste of freshness. In the heart of the city, a tropical forest has been staged. Reminding you of the Amazon, the most delicious cocktails will be served. Visitors will have the opportunity to breathe in the fresh air, in an idyllic setting that does not resemble a large, busy city. It is a well-anticipated break, which prepares everyone of true Greek summer!

Thessaloniki Cocktail Festival

Get ready for the 1st TropTown Thessaloniki Cocktail Festival. A huge tropical party! Cool music in an urban jungle, a forest filled with green and freshness. This is where you should be, tasting the city’s most amazing drinks and having fun. Because this is what summer is all about!